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  • 17 Jan
  • Stainless steel pot to how to clean it?

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    • Jan.17,2012
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    Hot pot cleaning, saving time, effort, easily, after cooking, take advantage of lukewarm pot, add a little dish soap and water, scrub with scouring pads, to easily clean pot. If you eat dinner and then clean the pot, you can add a little water in the pot, and then heated cleaning, you can easily wash the pot.
    ‧ difficult to wash the dirty, available STAY CLEAN cleaners (Philippine sister living museum in Italy for sale), with scouring pads or newspaper (to avoid scratching) clean, when used without adding water, then rinse with water use immediately bright as new.
    ‧ stainless steel itself does not turn yellow or black, but the pot when the body gets attached salad or other oils, heat dried, which will turn yellow, and then into a brown or black; To prevent yellowing, please before the fire, wipe clean the outside of the oil pan. If the pot body is yellow, make a pot roast over low heat after heat, and then the wet wipe hard scouring pads or cleansers with STAY CLEAN can be.
    ‧ stainless steel pots and pans when dry, it will produce a rainbow of color, is the nature of stainless steel, absolutely harmless to humans. If iridescent produce available STAY CLEAN cleaner and gently wipe can be removed.
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